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The Nest offers a variety of gamemodes for you to enjoy. Because of this, we have someting on store for everyone! While most of our gamemodes are public, some of them require some extra steps to join. Below you can find a list of all our gamemodes and how to access them. 

SMP offers a Vanilla-Plus experience with plugins such as Towns, Trading Cards, Krates and more!​​ We don't use any claim plugins but instead count on our players to adhere to the rules which creates a unique sense of community you almost can't find anywhere! Should anything happen, our staff will assist you with pleasure.

Everyones favorite gamemode, minigames, can be found right in our lobby! We have chosen for a simple approach in line with the "tools not rules" mindset which allows players to take matter in their own hands and invent their own games. Some of the environment setting we have created will allow you to play spleef, minigolf and more!







Vanilla offers an almost completely vanilla feeling with the only additions being some Quality of Life datapacks from the "Vanilla Tweaks" website. Since there are less regulations and countermeasures we have some extra protection in place. To join vanilla, please send a DM to our Discord application bot and fill out the application!


This server is still a secret for now, but as soon as we can tell you more you will find it here! Believe us, we tried to tell you but the pig is watching us. I think it still hasn't forgiven us for that, ehm, *incident* last week where some of his friends magically transformed into delicious bacon. I blame Phil, he forgot to pack the food!





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