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When you join Nexia, you join more than an ordinary Minecraft server, you are joining our big family. Therefore, we expect all of our family members to act in a way that makes people feel accepted, encouraged and happy. At the end of the day, don't be a jerk! Here are a few areas that we would like to specifically highlight:

  • Be accepting of all people, everyone is welcome in our family.

  • Treat other people how you would like to be treated.

  • Keep all chats ( mc server or discord) PG-13, at all times.

  • Do not intentionally spread misinformation, impersonate staff, promote piracy, or distribute pirated content.

  • You abuse chat by making it hard to read by: Spamming, using excessive caps or generally creating a toxic environment. 

  • You ruin the enjoyment of other players


Staff always reserve the right to punish any player, in a way of their choosing. Punishments will always fit into punishment categories, which will be highlighted at the bottom of the page.

Specific Server Rules

Approved Mods

Below is a list of approved mods. If you want to use another mod that is not on this list, please contact our staff team about the mods before installing it.​

Optifine, Minimaps (that don't give an unfair advantage), Litematica, Minihud, InventoryTweaks, Not Enough Items, Damageindicators, any informative mod (like Shulker Box Tooltips)



On our Minecraft servers, you should always follow our community rules, and not be a jerk. However, some Minecraft specific rules will be made specific here:

  • Do not steal, lie, or cheat other players out of items.

  • Do not attempt to circumvent our AFK timers.

  • Do not use X-RAY or any mod/resource pack that gives you an unfair advantage. 

  • Do not use a mod that is not on our approved list of mods! 

  • Do not duplicate any item. The exception to this is TNT machines

Punishment Categories

In the event you need to be banned/temp banned, muted or kicked from our servers (discord or Minecraft) staff will always refer to a specific offence, that will be listed here. In the event of your punishment being permanent, or you wish to appeal a temp ban/mute, please open a ticket in our discord server (under appeals) and follow the procedure that is given as the ticket is opened.

Possible Punishments:

  • ​Being a jerk

    • Applied for breaking our community rules (spamming, using derogatory language towards another player, etc).​

  • X-Ray

  • Using an unapproved mod

  • Stealing

  • Item Duplication

  • Impersonating a staff member

  • Abuse/harassment

As well as the punishment classification, more details will be given as to the offence committed.


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