Everything You Need to Know About SMP

Hello! That's right, the new (and very first might I add) season of Nexia is upon us! Once we get the server up and running, you may notice a handful of unfamiliar features in front of you, which you can learn more about in this handy blog post!

Custom Terrain

First and foremost something you’ll immediately notice on season zero of Nexia is the absolutely stunning custom terrain generation provided by the Iris Plugin. This plugin adds a beautiful array of custom biomes, caves, and it’s all in a simple vanilla plugin for the server. That means there’s no downloading on your end, how convenient!


Season zero of Nexia also features a fresh new economy system featuring buy and sell mechanics, and limits to amounts you can sell, so it works like a real world economy. You can sell items to the server, and everything has value! It’s a great way for incoming players to generate their wealth on the server. Diamonds will still have value in the player economy, but the main form of currency will be dollars.


The Towns plugin is a fun way to allow you to collaborate with friends and earn rewards for your very own town! This plugin gives your town and its members a weekly goal/objective to meet. Once met, this goal can either provide a reward to your town owner or the whole town. The town goals do get slightly more difficult as they progress, but that just means the rewards get better! (To create a town, do “/towns create ”. You must have 20 diamonds in your inventory to create a town!)


Another new and fresh plugin season zero of Nexia will be using is the SlimeFun Plugin! SlimeFun will feature many additions to the vanilla game, such as Dyed Backpacks, Electric Spawners (replaces silkspawners, allows players to create custom spawners), Exoctic Garden (Adds a lot of awesome plants, trees and food!), Extra Gear, Private Storage, Chest Terminal (includes electrical storage management), and finally Eco Power, which adds renewable energy sources (e.g. wind turbines). SlimeFun provides another way for players to modernize their gaming experience!

Custom Advancements

Your experience on the Nexia SMP will also come with an expansive list of new custom advancements (1,047 new advancements total to be precise. That’s more than I can count on my fingers!) The custom advancements will also feature a scoreboard and custom rewards, among a few other features, that are sure to add something for everyone from the casual player to all you completionists out there!


This plugin is quite a mouthful! The Minecraft Massive Multiplayer Online Plugin (let’s just use McMMO for short), provides the player with a leveling system for different skills. This leveling system is similar to that of many of your favorite RPGs, and can add some extra perks and bonuses as you level. On top of all that, it also has a serverwide scoreboard so you can compete with friends!

Which feature are you most excited for? I’m personally thrilled about that gorgeous Iris terrain generation and the SlimeFun Exotic Garden! Can’t wait to see you all in the new season!

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