Block of the month: Purple Bed

Let's talk about this month's block of the week: the purple bed. A lesser used block, al be it due to its color, the purple bed has some unique features that you may or may not have known about!

Spawning place

Did you know that purple beds only naturally generate in taiga villages? Blue beds also spawn here, but they also spawn in snowy tundra villages, making purple beds more rare and unique!

Other than spawning in villages it can be crafted with purple wool, but it is also possible to dye white beds purple.

Villager interactions

Villagers love purple beds! They are even sold by wandering traders for three emeralds. This love is not constrained to the living villagers though, as their undead zombie villager counterparts also love the beds. Having one or multiple purple beds nearby when curing a zombie villager can speed up the curing process significantly. It's kind of ironc that the beds they love so much can be used in these, ehm, unethical practises. Let's just not tell them shall we?

Tight sleeper

Lastly, purple beds allow you to have a good night's rest. While most mobs won't allow you to sleep when they are nearby, did you know that there are a few who have no problem letting you sleep? Some of the mobs on this list include ghasts, shulkers and the ender dragon. That being said, I would not try that last on out if I were you...

Purple beds are so soft, they absorb 50 percent of all fall damage when landing on them! I knew these commercials about the purple matress weren't lying! They even have a hidden feature as trampoline, as they bounce you up to 66 percent! Wow!

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